Siobhan & Trey - Luxury Meets Rural Simplicity with The Market At Grelen Wedding

Siobhan and Trey came to me in 2019 to assist with their March 2020 wedding. They were bound and determined to hold their wedding at The Market at Grelen in Somerset, VA due to its natural, lush setting all around. While circumstances actually led them to legally wed prior to then, we were still all very excited to celebrate with them soon. Then we hit another snag. The words Covid-19 were starting to spread in February 2020 and ultimately we had to make the call two weeks before the wedding to postpone. With it being the beginning of Covid we had no idea how long everything would last. Ultimately, we ended up rescheduling 3 times, but we were all bound and determined to pull this wedding off for Siobhan and Trey. All of the amazing wedding professionals for this wedding were amazing and so accommodating with all the reschedules we had to endure.

When their day finally came in August 2021, it did not disappoint. The weather was beautiful and the vendors were all excited that this day was finally here. All of the guests were enamored with the view, as expected, as well.

Siobhan and Trey may have already been legally married, however, it was still very important for them to hold a ceremony for themselves and all of their guests who had been waiting so long for this. It was easy to see how loved these two were with their large wedding party and full house of guests. We flowed seamlessly into cocktail hour, where guests could explore the grounds of the venue and enjoy cocktails and appetizers from Mosaic Catering. And once the reception got started, it was a never ending flow of people on the dance floor. You know it’s a good time when you have just as many people on the dance floor at the end of the night as the beginning.

While the day was long, it was one of the most rewarding weddings I was honored to be a part of. Working with this couple for so long and finally seeing their dream wedding come to life is what I love most about what I do!

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