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Christa & Hunter

Hoprich Photography

Christa and Hunter came to One Fine Day for our Wedding Management Services.  Christa loved planning her own wedding and had every detail nailed down perfectly.  She just needed some professional hands to help tie up the details and run the day for her. 

Erika & Cameron


Erika and Cameron were the type of couple that when you meet them you just gravitate towards.  They not only have this exciting and fun nature about them, but the love they share is undeniable.  I was referred by the photographer for this wedding, and man was I glad because Pat Cori Photography is amazing and someone I love to work with!  

Sarah & Kailey

Aaron Spicer Photography

Sarah and Kailey not only faced Covid as a concern, but when they approached their original venue about postponing the date they ended up receiving a refund in the mail and an email saying they were no longer available to host their wedding on their current date or any date in the future.  

Carter & Taylor


I met Carter and Taylor back in early 2019 when they jumped straight into wedding planning for their Fall 2020 wedding. Taylor described herself as an anxious Type A person and loved how Carter’s laid-back personality helped to balance everything out. I knew from the time that I met Taylor that she was going to be a bride who knew what she wanted and would make it happen and I loved that about her. 

Chris & Emily


Chris and Emily were just beams of light when we first met. They both radiated with positivity and excitement, it was hard to not feel it coming through the screen during our chat. While talking to them I found out that they met while at college at UVA. They had actually lived in the same dorm their freshman year.



Eric and Emily met in Blacksburg when Eric was working in a restaurant and Emily knew the owner’s daughter. Little did they know that four and a half years later they would be waking up on their wedding day to one another. Emily spent many days from a young girl dreaming about her wedding day.

Siobhan & Trey

Austin & Austin Photography

Siobhan and Trey came to me in 2019 to assist with their March 2020 wedding.  They were bound and determined to hold their wedding at The Market at Grelen in Somerset, VA due to its natural, lush setting all around.  While circumstances actually led them to legally wed prior to then, we were still all very excited to celebrate with them soon.

Mitch & Mariah


Mitch and Mariah lived out of town, but were planning their wedding for 2020 in Roanoke, Virginia. I met them in July 2019 when they came to me needing help in planning the remainder of their wedding and wanting to ensure their wedding day had a professional onsite for the day so they could take a deep breath and relax.

Kyle & Emily


Kyle and Emily’s chic fall wedding was truly the picture of perfection. Each detail was carefully thought through and executed flawlessly. Emily herself had a vision of what she wanted and she had an amazing team to help her bring that to life.

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