As you know planning for a post-pandemic perfect wedding is no easy task! This blog has started off in twenty different ways.  I sat down with a plan on what I was going to write for you regarding wedding planning, and everything just seemed so robotic.  So, I scraped it all.  I still plan to hit on a few key points I feel are necessary, but I feel like a more personal approach may be better for this one.

Planning for a Post Pandemic Perfect WeddingWedding Planning via Social Media

My recent social media post revealed some personal information about me and my life.  You may not follow my business on social media (if you don’t be sure you check out our OFD – Instagram and OFD – Facebook) so you may not have seen the post I am referring to. Posting personal things has never been something I am good at, but recent events have made me see things differently.  In April 2021 I lost my mom unexpectedly.  It has been by far the single most difficult thing I have ever experienced in my life.  I have known others who have passed, felt my share of pain from it, but felt it was easy to carry on with everyday life.  This was and is different.  My mom was my rock, my best friend, and hands down the biggest support of One Fine Day Events.  They say that people who want to be in this industry must be crazy with everything that goes into it, but my mom was there every step of the way as my biggest cheerleader.  She saw the highs and the lows, shared in the laughter, and was on my shoulder when there were tears, danced with me when no one else was and had a way of understanding what everyone was feeling.  I have learned a lot over the years with her by my side as I worked hard to grow my business.  So, when she passed, I thought “How am I going to do life without her”?

In my social post, I shared a little about my first wedding after she passed.  It was the toughest day to get through for me mentally, knowing she wasn’t there or waiting by the phone for me to call when it was over.  But it was truly a beautiful day and I got to witness two amazing people start a new chapter in their lives together.  I also shared about how amazing my other couples and fellow professionals were that had meetings rescheduled and planning temporarily halted while I spent time with my family and gathering my thoughts on how to move forward each day.  But I still felt overwhelmed and stressed, but I pushed it down because I was dealing with a huge shift in my life and people wouldn’t accept that if I came up short in my business. Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

Getting back into the routine

Planning for a Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

As I jumped back into work, I began talking more and more with other wedding industry professionals with the busy wedding season in full swing.  What I found was that everyone was overloaded.  It wasn’t just me or just planners, it was everyone, those getting married included.  Local DJs were getting hundreds of emails within a matter of days, photographers were getting backed up with double and triple the galleries to edit, and caterers were stressed from the lack of available staff, but the same number of events scheduled.  Couples are seeing a delay in response times, if they were getting one at all, increases to their budget due to increased cost of goods, and their overall expectations falling short around every corner.  Frustration levels are rising with everyone because it is happening in all areas, not just wedding planning.  I started realizing that the same grace and patience I had asked for was the same grace and patience that was needed for everyone.  Everyone has been through something that turned their lives upside down with COVID and then I’m sure there are many others who have been through so much more on top of that.  Of course, couples have what may seem like high expectations.  They have been planning or waiting to finally start planning, their wedding for a long time.  A wedding is a very exciting time and we have asked everyone to put their entire lives on hold and stay in their homes for over a year.  The excitement is bursting at the seams and overflowing into the planning.  And, of course, businesses are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.  They are trying to balance double, and sometimes triple, the load due to so many postponements on top of new business with fewer resources. Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

So how do we end the cycle?  I go back to grace and patience.  Offer grace and have patience with one another.  Be honest about your feelings, and concerns if you have them, but in a kind and adult manner.  While restrictions are being lifted and we feel like we can go about business as usual, it’s not business as usual.  A lot of things have been impacted, such a supply chain issues, increase in the cost of goods, lack of staffing, high expectations, the need for quick decision making involving a big investment, and an overall change in society’s mental health.  Understand mistakes and slip-ups are going to happen.  I have made them myself, but I learn from them and grow.  We are all human and this is a natural part of the growth cycle.  If you have found the right people (meaning professionals) for your wedding, you can rest assured that any mistakes that occur are not done intentionally.  And in a post-pandemic world, if the business is still around you can be sure they want to be here.  Our goal is to always be prepared for as much as possible, but again, we are human.  Honesty, an open mind, and communication from both parties are all great ways to alleviate stress and keep everyone on the same page.  Remember why you are here and what all of this is for. Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding


Finding Joy – as my mom said: “Find something that I love to do so I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life”

I hold on to the joy that a wedding day brings me.  While I may not be the most optimistic person, my mom was, and she always taught me to look for the joy and upside in everything.  She always told me that I should find something that I love to do so I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.  There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that can go into wedding planning, but at the end of the evening when my couples express what an amazing day it has been, any of the difficult parts are completely worth it for me.  That is my joy and I love what I do.  It is truly my honor and pleasure to be a part of such a big event in someone’s life.  Thank you for sticking with me on this one.  I wish you all the best in your wedding planning journey and if we are a part of yours, we cannot wait to finally celebrate with you! Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

If you or anyone you know is getting married and looking for a Post Pandemic Wedding Planner in Virginia please click this link to contact us. Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

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