There is a lot to take in and only a short amount of time to do it! so how do you get through one and feel like it wasn’t a total waste of your time? here are some tips and tricks to getting through a bridal show and not feel like you are even more confused than you were before.

ONE – Determine which vendors are your priorities before you get there. (Biased opinion, but planners should be one of your first priorities as they have all the links to other vendors and save you time and money.)

TWO – Do a full lap of the floor before you stop and talk to anyone. Having a general idea of who is located where is best before you decide to talk with anyone. You will get a chance to get a quick vibe from the people in the booth and know if you want to circle back to them. Of course, if you know a certain vendor will be there that you want to meet with, talk to, or book on the spot, go for it!

THREE – Don’t let a packed booth stop you from getting more information. You paid for the show and deserve to get as much out of it as possible. A slower time for the vendors can be during the fashion shows or talks on the big stage. Or wait until the end of the show. These times can allow you to go into more detail with vendors you are really interested in.

FOUR – Print out labels with your information on them. Most vendors will have cards you can fill out if you want more information or enter for a giveaway. Don’t let your hand cramp up or waste time by filling out these at every booth. Print your name, your bride/groom’s name, event date if you know it, e-mail, phone number, and your preferred method of contact. you can include any other information you would want us to have as well. Slap that baby on the card and you’re done! This also helps the vendors with clear information so they do not have to decipher your handwriting.

FIVE – Stay until the end! The biggest show giveaways happen here! Also, the dedicated vendors will still be there, with their booth still intact, ready to talk with you about your wedding!

SIX – Lastly, and it may be biased, but visit a wedding planner’s booth! Even if you are that person who says “Oh, I don’t need a planner, I can do it myself” or “I don’t have it in my budget for a planner”, stop by anyway and ask all the questions you can think of! These days finding a wedding vendor is easy, but ensuring they are the quality you are looking for isn’t always easy to see at first. Plus, planners do soooo much more than ensure you have every vendor type you need for your wedding. Ask and they will show you how they can make the planning process and the day of your wedding seamless and stress-free!

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