How To Honor A Lost Loved One At Your Wedding

Today I would like to talk about something that can be very emotional at weddings as if they weren’t emotional enough right?

While weddings are a time of joy and love, when it comes to the actual day, it can be very sad for some as they may not have everyone they wish there with them. Today I want to offer a few ways to honor and remember lost loved ones on your wedding day.

A memory table – This is by the most popular thing you see. I’ve seen it as simple as a single picture on a table with a candlelit the entire evening or you can go the other way and have beautiful floral arrangements surrounding the table and photos with signs stating specifically who everyone is for those guests who may not have known them personally.

A rose of photo reserving their seat – This one gets me every time. There is something so emotional about attending a wedding and being asked if I could please place a photo of a loved one in the front row in the seat reserved for them. What gets me, even more, is, and one that I truly love, is when the bride(s) and or groom(s) place a flower in the seat before they step up to the alter.

A moment of silence – This can happen during the ceremony, the reception, or both if you wish. This is a time for you and your other family or friends to take a moment in honor of your loved ones no there physically with you.

Walk down the aisle to a special song – This one happened recently at one of my weddings. The bride had lost her father and had her grandfather walk her down the aisle. The song she chose was a song his father had re-recorded, but with him singing it. That was such a special moment when those doors opened and that song started, and it was the perfect way to honor her dad.

Dedicate a song to them at the reception – Maybe there was a specific song that reminded you of your loved one every time it was played. Ask your DJ to please make an announcement to get everyone to the dance floor in honor of them.

Wear something of theirs – My maternal grandmother was not at my wedding, so something old, (and borrowed because it belongs to my mother now) was a brooch that belonged to her. I fastened it in my hair near my veil and it stayed there the entire evening.

The pain of losing a loved one is never easy to handle, especially if it occurs so close to a big life event like a wedding. I hope these few suggestions may help you find peace and comfort knowing they are still with you. Until next time, happy planning!

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