Eric and Emily met in Blacksburg when Eric was working in a restaurant and Emily knew the owner’s daughter. Little did they know that four and a half years later they would be waking up on their wedding day to one another. Emily spent many days from a young girl dreaming about her wedding day. She always anticipated that she would be nervous, but she found herself calm and steady knowing she was marrying her soul mate and the one her heart was meant to love for the rest of her life. Eric never knew that he could feel the way he does with Emily. He finally has felt what it means to be complete with the love he shares with Emily. Eric and Emily’s wedding was a true reflection of the connection and love they share for one another.

The Patrick Henry was the perfect setting for the elegant boutique Virginia wedding. The rich emerald color, paired with gold made the space feel upscale, but not overwhelming. Emily really wanted to keep it simple so their love would be the main focus of the day. On the wedding day we got right to work completing the tablescape, welcoming vendors and guests, and ensuring we maintained the schedule, which was important to the couple as well.

Eric and Emily chose a wine blending ceremony to share in together. One of the things I love about this ceremony is that it not only symbolizes the blending of two families, but it also says that marriage has its ups and downs. There are bitter and sweet qualities to the wine and by this ceremony you are saying to one another that you commit to go through all of these moments together. It fit Eric and Emily perfectly.

Since they met in Blacksburg and attended Virginia Tech they were tried and true Hokies. They were sure to include this in their special day too. Eric had purchased all the groomsmen matching Virginia Tech socks which they were all proud to show off. And of course, the night would not be complete without gathering all of the Hokies together out on the promenade and let out a big “LET’S GO HOKIES!” that filled the entire building with the Hokie spirit. After a full day they had their family and closest friends join them in their grand exit downstairs putting the perfect cap to a wonderful celebration of their love.

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