Chris and Emily were just beams of light when we first met. They both radiated with positivity and excitement, it was hard to not feel it coming through the screen during our chat. While talking to them I found out that they met while at college at UVA. They had actually lived in the same dorm their freshman year. What started off as a friendship quickly turned into a relationship. And from their sophomore year on, they were inseparable.

The relationship had a status change 7 years later when Chris popped the question. He wanted to make it fun and unforgettable, so he got creative. He sent Emily on a scavenger hunt that took Emily all over D.C. Hitting several of her favorite spots she ended at a park where Chris was there, waiting to ask her to be his wife. Talk about pulling on your heart strings.

For their wedding they wanted a place with beautiful views and the ability to keep the decorating to a minimum. They found that with Braeloch in Vinton, VA. With gorgeous views from all around, Braeloch was exactly the space they were looking for. They wanted centerpieces that were personal to them, so they used crystal bowls and vases that were from their family. Each table had a different piece or multiple pieces with minimal flowers so not to take away from what was used to display them. At the center of the room, and all the tables filled with their loved ones, were Chris and Emily at their head table with their wedding party. I loved that they made the decision to place their tables intermingled with everyone else. It showed how much they wanted to share with their guests and share the joy with everyone.

During their wedding planning they knew that they wanted to be sure to have some great entertainment and create a guest experience that would be remembered. Naturally they made sure there was live music for their cocktail hour with a jazz trio band, corn hole, and the amazing and local Deb’s Lemonade for everyone to stay fresh and cooled down for this summer wedding. And then once dinner was over, the toasts had been made, and the cake had been cut, the dancing could begin. Chris and Emily love to dance so it was only fitting to hire the band, Soul Expressions. They kept the dance floor packed the entire night and there was not a guest in the room that did not make it on to that floor and everyone left having said that this was a wedding they would ever forget.

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