COVID-19 Reopening Phase 3 and your wedding

I know you are probably sick of hearing COVID-19, right? It is all we have been hearing since the beginning of 2020. For those getting married in 2020, it was supposed to be a year of excitement and happiness and shortly after the New Year our world changed, and plans to celebrate a monumental moment with your closest family and friends became something that was bigger stressful than anyone imagined.

Keys to less stress and success before you Big Day

The countdown to your wedding is FINALLY in single digits. I know you’re excited, and then inside freaking out a bit. Did you get everything you needed to? You know you will forget something important! The week before your wedding should be stress-free and relaxing so take a breath and read on for some of my tips for success in the days/week before your wedding.

Gone but never forgotten

While weddings are a time of joy and love, when it comes to the actual day, it can be very sad for some as they may not have everyone they wish there with them. Today I want to offer a few ways to honor and remember lost loved ones on your wedding day.


You’re getting married and you have spent hours planning and have it all set for the big day. Now you start thinking about who will be there that day to make it all actually work so you can relax and soak in every second of your wedding day. This is when your mind turns to find a (dun dun dun) …..Day-Of Coordinator.

The Forecast is calling for RAIN… CRAP!

It’s the week of your wedding, everyone is booked, your dress is clean and pressed, and you are starting to feel the butterflies inside. Then you pull out your phone, open up the weather app, and…..dun dun dun…..rain! You see those raindrops showing on the same day your beautiful outdoor wedding is supposed to happen.

The Dreaded B Word

What is the most important factor for your wedding? The answer to this question is the same answer for the question of, what is the least fun part of your wedding? Do you know what it is? If you guessed the budget, you nailed it! So, let’s break this down a little more, because believe me when I tell you this is 100% the most crucial part of your wedding because, without this (the money), all of the magic doesn’t happen.

Should I hire a friend or family member for my wedding?

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. This is no secret, and if you are not in the planning process yet, you will find out quickly how easily it can all add up. So when it comes down to booking your vendors, it may look really tempting to ask that friend who just bought that nice camera to take your pictures or your Aunt Jill to caterer it because she has never made a bad meal that you can remember. You will get the friends and family discount and what could go wrong right?

Six ways on how to make the most out of bridal show visits

There is a lot to take in and only a short amount of time to do it! so how do you get through one and feel like it wasn’t a total waste of your time? here are some tips and tricks to getting through a bridal show and not feel like you are even more confused than you were before.