Romantic, Elegant Styled Shoot with Beautiful Floral Elements

Styled shoots are always fun and a great way to meet some amazing vendors. With rich colors and high contrasts, this elegant shoot was a great time. From the gorgeous gown to the full floral arrangements and the petal toss to the champagne popping, I am loving all of these photos! I hope that you find some inspiration for your wedding planning from here. Be sure to check out the amazing vendors who helped bring this shoot to life.

Planning for a Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

Planning for a Post Pandemic Perfect Wedding

As you know planning for a post-pandemic perfect wedding is no easy task! This blog has started off in twenty different ways. I sat down with a plan on what I was going to write for you regarding wedding planning, and everything just seemed so robotic. So, I scraped it all. I still plan to hit on a few key points I feel are necessary, but I feel like a more personal approach may be better for this one.

Wedding Invitations – The Why, When, and How to Wedding Stationery

Wedding Invitations

Everyone today lives in a digital world, so receiving wedding invitations in the mail is a breath of fresh air. This is the first impression your guests will get of your wedding day, so let’s make it a good one. We are going to be sharing all wedding planning tips related to creating your wedding invitations suite, etiquette on wording, and when to send your wedding invitations out.

8 Fun and Festive Cocktails For Your Wedding Guests

The wedding ceremony has ended, and your guests are flowing into a cocktail hour while photos are being done. You are going to want to start off giving your guests an amazing impression so let’s turn our attention to the bar. Because, let’s face it, that is where there are heading. This may surprise you, but what you offer at the bar can really set the tone of the evening.

The importance of dating while you’re engaged

Today on the blog I want to chat a little about how important it is to continue to date your partner after you are engaged. Let’s be honest, once that question is popped and you have said “Yes” most of your attention goes to wedding planning mode and you tend to live on Pinterest. Hey, I get it, it is an exciting time and it is FINALLY your turn. But one thing I see a lot with my engaged couples is they are so laser-focused on planning a wedding that they forgot why they are able to do it in the first place.

Creating your wedding guest list

Who makes the cut? How many people do you get to choose and how many choices do your future in-laws get? Is there that one guest that your mom is set on having there, but you just don’t want that? Here are some quick tips on creating your guest and how to avoid blowing your budget out of the water.

This one is for the guys

Being a part of the wedding party is an honor, and today we are going to help out the guys. We get it that most of you just want to be told when to be somewhere and where to stand, but there is more to it than that. Both sides have some responsibility and today we are going to chat about some of the things you can expect as your role in the wedding and how you can make the most of it.

The importance of deadlines during wedding planning

Can’t we just wing it and go with the flow? Well sure, you can. But you may be bombarded with everything later for the things that are unresolved. Deadlines are rarely independent of each other, so when one falters, other things may be affected consequently.

Is wedding insurance really necessary?

In a post-COVID world, people are being more cautious than before. Contracts are actually being read, questions are being asked, and people are wanting to make sure they are prepared and protected. So, the answered to the above question is pretty simple. Yes, event insurance is necessary and comes HIGHLY recommended by us at One Fine Day Events. There are two types of insurance and we are going to cover them both.

Let’s talk about sweets baby!

The ceremony is done, your guests have had dinner, and now everyone is eyeing the table in the corner filled with a sugary delicacy that is waiting to be served. So, what is on your dessert table?