It’s the week of your wedding, everyone is booked, your dress is clean and pressed, and you are starting to feel the butterflies inside. Then you pull out your phone, open up the weather app, and…..dun dun dun…..rain! You see those raindrops showing on the same day your beautiful outdoor wedding is supposed to happen. Now the panic sets in. Everything you have imagined for your big day is slipping away. But don’t fret, the rain is not all bad. Here are some reasons why rain on your wedding day is a good thing.

If you are set to have a summer wedding, the rain really helps to cool things down. Those July and August weddings can be brutal and sometimes the rain brings the relief everyone needs.

Your wedding flowers will last longer. Now, if you hired a professional florist, they will have already educated you on which flowers work best in specific temperatures. But even if you have florals that will withstand the heat, the rain helps to keep them looking fresh by the moisture in the air and they are not getting blasted by the sun the entire day. (*Planner plug: please, please, please, always use a professional florist for your wedding. As mentioned they will coach you on which flowers are best for the season and how to care for them. Ordering from a large chain does not guarantee the best flowers or even what you specifically ordered.)

There is something really romantic about rain. Just think about the dock scene from The Notebook where Noah grabs Allie and gives her that chilling, passionate kiss. I’m pretty sure we all wanted a moment like that as soon as it happened.

Cloudy skies make for some great lighting. And if it’s still raining, you can get some great cozy pictures together under a clear umbrella.

Rainbows may follow the rain. Talk about a beautiful (and free) natural backdrop for some pictures.

Lastly, rain on your wedding day is good luck! There are several meanings for this, some of which say it’s a sign of fertility and cleansing and some say it’s a sign of abundance and a long and happy marriage.

Either way, you look at rain good or bad, it is always smart to have a plan in place. You should always check your cancellation policies with all vendors. Most vendors will not refund money just for rain, but in an instance of, say, a hurricane, it may be a different story. If you rent a tent, will that company still come out and put the tent up if the weather is calling for something extreme, or will their liability not allow it? Is your entire wedding completely outdoors with no shelter? Maybe you need to look into securing a tent as a plan B. If you have hired a professional wedding planner, a rain/weather plan is always put into place. They are going to know what your other vendors are prepared for and how they operate should a last-minute change need to happen. They will help coordinate the quick switch, even if it’s 5 minutes before the ceremony is set to begin. I can promise that it is when you don’t have a plan in place is when you will need it the most.

I always hope for clear skies for all of my clients, but sometimes a little rain brings out some of the best and unexpected moments to be captured, and that’s pretty great! As always, happy planning!

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