Being a part of the wedding party is an honor, and today we are going to help out the guys. We get it that most of you just want to be told when to be somewhere and where to stand, but there is more to it than that. Both sides have some responsibility and today we are going to chat about some of the things you can expect as your role in the wedding and how you can make the most of it.


It has come the time to pick who will stand by your side on your wedding day. One thing you will want to do is be considerate of the costs that come along with being in a wedding party. Keep in mind that those you ask to be at your wedding are the ones who will be attending, and more than likely asked to contribute to, your bachelor party. They will also be asked to fork out the money to either rent or purchase a suit or tuxedo. You may want to take into consideration if there are major life events going on with anyone you will want to ask and be sure that it won’t put on too much pressure on them. Also, be open to it if someone politely declines. It may not be because they just don’t want to or be a part of this occasion. They may have something going on that they just cannot make that commitment. Also, don’t rule out asking your future spouse if they have anyone they would like for you to include. You also will want to consider any special role you will want any dads to play early on.


There are a lot of activities that go on when planning a wedding. An engagement party, bachelor party, suit/tux fittings, the rehearsal, and, of course, the wedding day itself. Letting your wedding party know about these things sooner rather than later is key to staying on task and avoiding anyone not being able to attend something. Scheduling fittings early is one of the most important to ensure everyone gets to a location closest to them as soon as possible. If you are all in the same town, arrange for a time that everyone should be off work. If you are all in different locations be sure you consider how they will get their measurements in and a date this needs to be done by.

Communication needs to remain open with all of your groomsmen when something comes up or when you may need them for something. You should also expect the same from them. If they need to communicate with you, they should be able to do this knowing you will be understanding with them. After all, you picked the people you are closest with so there should be a good level of trust between you both. They should also know to communicate with each other and anyone else involved in the wedding, such as the planner, to keep the stress off of the soon to be newlyweds.


Participating in the wedding is a big commitment for these guys. There are several ways to show your guys that you appreciate them standing by you from the beginning. You can treat them all to a week of the wedding haircut and shave from a local barber. This plays a dual role by saying “Thanks” and has everyone looking their best for the wedding day. You may also hear about others getting a groomsman gift. Try to think of something that will be useful to them. Maybe even have their name or an inside joke engraved on whatever you get them.


This is a big one guys. I have this conversation with every wedding party, and it pertains to everyone. I get it, weddings are fun, and everyone expects to have a good time with the alcohol flowing. However, it is best to keep the drinking to the reception. For the groomsmen reading this I ask that you remember that it is an honor that you were asked to stand up there for such an important day in someone’s life. You don’t want to be the one who causes negative feelings to come up when this day is being remembered. For the groom, your future spouse is going to want you to make it down the aisle steadily and focused. There will be plenty of time for drinks after dinner and the reception gets going. But again, even then, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver arranged before the wedding day.

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